High caloric?

I’d anyone partaking in some high caloric beverages this weekend. Yummy


Weigh In’s Complete, Survey updated (pot weighs in at $600)

Weigh in at the Miliberto’s is complete.  There was a smorgasbord of doughnuts, water and beer.  Body weight and body fat measurements were calculated, shit was talked, and the contest is officially underway.  Sad to say no Ruggs or Coach.  If they decide to change their mind maybe we can have a second weigh in for them?

If you are involved with the contest I have made it so all of you can create your own posts, upload your own photos, do whatever you want.  You have to create an account at this site first – http://wordpress.com/  then you can go here https://biggestloserweddingparty.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ to do what you’d like.  I don’t know if this will take off or not but if everyone gets involved it has a shot.

Can you predict the winner?


The Christralina Miliberto wedding will include a biggest loser wedding party contest. All entries will be required to put in a $50 entrance fee which will be held in “the pot” for a winner take all contest that will be judged with some version of % of body weight lost, and maybe a combination of body fat calipers.  Maybe before and after pictures if everyone agrees. Some people aren’t as fat as others and maybe a transformation pictures should be taken into consideration. Some things can be talked about at the weigh in. Remember we have to do what’s most fair to everyone.  Side bets are encouraged (take someone one on one for a month for some sort of bet). Posting pictures of yourself for both personal goals, motivational reason, and just for fun are not required but it would be fun. Shit talking also encouraged. Weigh in – 1/10/12 in the pm

Good Luck Losers.


One fat groom.